Thursday, November 24, 2016

What about a literary restaurant..?

What could be a better treat than drinking and eating while reading? Necessity is the mother of all invention, so a saying goes. This thought struck my mind when my plan to transform Dorokha into a small literary home failed miserably.

A year ago I got inspired, proposed and finally materialized a small public library in Dorokha with around 500 books received as generous help from Writers Association of Bhutan, Mr. Ngawang Phuntsho, Mr. Passang Tshering, Mr. CB Rai and all others kind supporter. A little over a year from its inauguration I have around 450 costumers of which 85% constitute the students.  Sitting in my book café I watch people prefer bar over books, get drunk rather than divine, spend so much on drinks overlooking the books and my little free service dedicated to 1. National Reading Year 2015 2. 60th Birth Anniversary of the great Forth and 3.To keep reading habit alive.

As my dream faded further and my book café became a little abandoned book museum, I got to make a second move. I love a cup of tea to treat my times over books while some may prefer a cold drink, or some may love books over food or why not drinks? No wonder some great writers were notorious drinkers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hunter S. Thompson, and John Cheever, to name a few LOL.
As a business opportunity and a new approach to promoting books and reading culture I have planned to loan out(cost free)the café to an enthusiastic educated and unemployed youth. So the person could established a literary restaurant which could earn a little more than living for the person, my café will have a permanent librarian and my café turned abandoned book museum will have visitors finally.

This is a small trial I am planning in a very small and secluded place like Dorokha but I foresee a better success in a town like Thimphu and Phuntsholing where literacy rate is almost 100% and number of intellectuals outnumbers the whole population of Dorokha Drungkhag. City like Thimphu caters all needs for youths and adults alike but not for book lovers except for a black coffee the Junction Books offer.

NOTE: hope somebody takes it up as a business and a new approach to promoting books and reading.


  1. Great idea... employ someone to run the cafe. It will do well and be able to sustain the book cafe as well. Keep up the same spirit and keep innovating, ST.

  2. Thank u for your generous contributions,continued support and motivations to move forward all the time Aue Ngawang...

  3. Great going!!! Please maintain the same spirit sir. Your love over books and mankind itself is a great move..

  4. It was a great time reading your article in this fresh morning

  5. thank you for reading sir. plz visit again